Aimed at sex workers

Our project is aimed at sex workers, who works in the Center of Warsaw. We use streetworking method. Few times a week we provides a street shifts. Each of shift takes about 2 hours. We always work in pairs. We are on the streets in varied days and times, so we can reach everyone, who might be interested in ouroffer. Our long experience show that prostitution might be a result of violence and abuse, but also it might be personal choice or decision.

What we offer?

  • friendly conversation, opportunity to talk without any judgment,
  • help in difficult, crisis situations
  • psychological support
  • support with pre-employment action plan,
  • help with legal issues,
  • social assistance, counseling
  • support and help concerning addictions
  • help with finding a accommodation in case of homelessness
  • assistance in obtaining free expertise help in legal, social or medic fields, etc.
  • accompanying, supporting, giving assistance with overcoming with administrative, social, medical, education issues.

What do we distribute on the streets?

  • condoms,
  • lubes,
  • intimate hygiene tissues,
  • education, prevention and information materials (booklets, brochures etc.) concerning safety during sex working, STI, public welfare or NGO help programs which offers free, varied types of help or assistance,
  • warm tea, coffee, or hot soups (durin winter).