Streetworking aimed at youth and young adults

Project Streetopcja is aimed at young people aged 15-26 years, which, for various reasons, spend time on the streets of Warsaw, in particular in the city center. Sometimes young people have a passion and ideas for life, but no space, resources or support to implement them. Sometimes they just want to talk about their problems without fear that they will be judged.

We support young people realizing their ideas for themselves, for their lives. We accept people as they are, we respect their decisions and choices, we do not want change anyone. We believe that our view of life is not the only one. We help only when someone wants it. We believe that young people have their reason and can have their own idea of life - sometimes just needs a little support and assistance. We take young people seriously and we want to listen to them. We also respect their right to privacy and we care about discreteness.

What we offer?

  • spending time together – you can go with us for free billiards, bowling, to the cinema, cook something delicious etc.,
  • music workshops, art and others - you can play with us on drums, learn to operate juggling equipment, make unique jewelry or graffiti,
  • discussions - about things less or more important,
  • help and support in difficult situations,
  • support in returning to school,
  • support in finding a job,
  • social counseling,
  • peer mediation,
  • mediation in family conflicts,
  • assistance in legal issues,
  • help in troubles associated with addiction.

We also share our knowledge about sex education, sexual health, HIV / AIDS, etc. You can receive from us free leaflets on these issues, and condoms or prophylactic gadgets. We are open to suggestions and needs of young people.