“Party safer!” is a partyworking project.

Relaxing and having fun are important in life – we know it. The way how the people realize their needs, is their choice or decision. In partyworking projects, we don’t disturb, judge and moralize. We don’t want to make people fear of partying. We target our actions to young adults, who are spend their time in clubs, discos, pubs or festivals, providing them knowledge about being safe.

What we offer?

  • merit, substantive knowledge and expertise in areas of safer partying, STI, HIV/AIDS, sex education and safer sexual behaviours
  • opportunity to practice how condom should be put on (on a dildo)
  • safe space to talk and asking questions (there are not any stupid ones!)
  • condoms
  • lubes
  • intimate hygiene tissues,
  • drink testers (detecting “rape pills”, “goofies” - substances containing GHB, ketamine – in drinks, beverages)
  • education, prevention and information materials (booklets, brochures etc.) concerning safer partying, sex, drugs etc.
  • gadgets, tools – all with prophylaxis and educational content.

During our shifts in clubs, partyworkers often propose clients participation in games and quizzes. We are still developing them and making new ones. Purpose of them is to make the prevention and education a little bit more fun and attractive to our clients, which may cause to help them remember better the safer partying rules

Woodstock Music Festival

Since 2012, we are attending the Woodstock Music Festival as partyworkers in NGO section. Read more about Festival:

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