Networking/Online Outreach

Our activities in this project are aimed at young people (between 15-26 years old) spending time online. We reach them at WP.PL chatrooms. Also, we provides online shifts on polish communicator GG (37883240) and Skype (program_stacja).

What we offer in networking project?

  • help, talk and support in difficult or crisis situations,
  • merit, substantive knowledge and expertise in areas of safer partying, STI, HIV/AIDS, sex education and safer sexual behaviours, information about free public welfare or NGO help programs (which offers free varied types of help or assistance, for example in legal, medical or social areas)
  • support and help regarding addictions and drugs or/and alcohol issues.

How do we work?

  • We work solo, in places that offers privacy, discretion in online environment,
  • Each shift takes 2 hours,
  • We talk and offers help or assistance only when client wants us to do it – we do not force anything. That’s why we do not interfere or disturb people by private messages, or in private chatrooms – if someone wants to talk with networker, she or he has to initiate it.
  • From time to time on a shift, networker in general chat room (open to a common conversations with all logged people) informs users about him or her, and presents our offer – the opportunity to free of charge, anonymous talk with networker via private messages.