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Let’s talk about sex

Location-based game “let’s talk about sex!” is an original idea of STACJA crew.

Every day we work through outreach methods: partyworking, streetworking and online outreach.– in environment, where young people choose to spend their time, and sometimes whole life.

We figured out, that sex education and HIV/AIDS prevention should be also available on the streets, in public space. How? The form of doing it have to been attractive and reasonable – we didn’t want to scare the people off. With that thinking we came up with the idea of location-based game – open to everyone, free of charge educational initiative in the Center of Warsaw.

We do realize that sex and issues connected to that matter, are topics which can be confusing. In the information chaos, it is easy to get lost between true,myths andfalse informations. We decided to come across that matter and invite young people to participate in our game. Streetworkers, partyworkers provides substantive and merit knowledge about sex, sex education and HIV/AIDS prevention. The other goal of this iniciative is to create a safe space to talk and ask questions. We are proud to say we manage to do that, every year since 2010, at the turn of September and October.