About us

We are a non-governmental organization, operating since 2005. Our mission is to support young people, in their environment. Our work is based on harm reduction.


World, where young people realize their ideas of life on their own, but also can count on the support and professional assistance, with keeping their subjectivity and perceived agency.


The values that guide our actions stem from the conviction that every person has the right to:

  • respect
  • decide (about one's life, body)
  • freedom of choice
  • live with dignity
  • freedom of speech and self-determination
  • equal treatment
  • resolution of conflict situations without violence
  • freedom of thought, conscience and religion
  • recognition of his subjectivity everywhere

Our values also stem from the belief that everyone has sexual rights:

  • The right to sexual freedom
  • The right to sexual distinctiveness, integrity and sexual security of the body
  • The right to sexual privacy
  • The right to sexual equality
  • The right to sexual pleasure
  • The right to emotional expression of sexuality
  • The right to free sexual relations
  • The right to make free and responsible decisions about having offspring
  • The right to sexual information based on scientific research
  • The right to comprehensive sexual education
  • The right to sexual health care.