About us

We are non-governmental organization. As an association we exist since 2005.

Our mission

Giving support to young people, who found themselves in a difficult situation and landed on the streets. Our work is based on harm reduction.

Our vision

World, where young people realize their ideas of life on their own, but also can count on the support and professional assistance, with keeping their subjectivity and perceived agency.

Who are we?

  • We are group of educators, social workers, sociologists and psychologists, who prefer to go to young people, instead of sitting in the office. You can meet us on the streets, backyards, playgrounds, clubs and on the web.
  • We aim to give agency to young people We want to create a space for free expression, resulting from the interests and needs.
  • We want young people to have access to the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about life and sexual health.
  • We treat everyone seriously. We respect right to privacy and we care about discreteness.
  • With care and commitment goes hand in hand advice and support - we accompany in life, support in difficult situations.
  • We accept people as they are, we respect their decisions and choices, we do not want to change anyone.
  • We believe that our view of life is not the only one.
  • We help only when someone wants it.
  • Our work is based on harm reduction.
  • The basis of our work is scientific knowledge, not religion or political beliefs.